DRS 1300 DCS



The perfect merging between extreme quality and productivity for the most demanding market
It integrates METIS exclusive DC SynchroLight (Patent protected technology)
General details

The new DRS 1300 DCS introduces important features which have no comparison in any other system on the market such as the innovative DC SynchroLight lighting system (Dynamically Controlled Synchronized Light) which incorporates a new technology developed by METIS, protected by patent deposited in January 2010, which allows to dynamic control the light in the scanning area.

DC SynchroLight technology gives the ability to control and change dynamically, instantly and automatically the angle and intensity of the light emitted by the light sources in the scanning area, making it possible to optimize the digitization result, depending on the type and nature of the originals and thus providing results previously unreachable.

The DRS 1300 DCS is a professional system designed in order to provide a “non-invasive” high quality digital reproduction of atlases, maps, books, drawings and parchments.

Some of the new benefits introduced by the DRS 1300 DCS system are: high scanning speed; perfect zenithal vision; a highly automated electronic book cradle capable of handling A0  books over 50cm of thickness (the largest book cradle available on the market); the digital camera integrated into the DRS 1300 DCS system is vertically motorized in order to allow achieving an optical resolution of 800PPI (and up to 1600x800PPI) on the A2 format; the geometrical accuracy is the highest possible allowing for use in the most demanding professional cartography applications; an unmatched lighting system with DC SynchroLight technology for light schematic variations; a driving software extremely powerful and complete.

The automatic book cradle can accept books as well as drawings, maps and even tri-dimensional originals.

Technical Info

METIS DRS 1300 DCS main features and specifications


  • Maximum original format: 91x130cm
  • Image Sensor: Tri-linear Professional CCD, 3×12 = 36 bit
  • Optical Resolution: 400-800 PPI (adjustable from 100 to 1600 PPI)
  • Very Large Depth of Field (user selectable)
  • Focusing: fine adjustable by Software control
  • Lighting: new “DC SynchroLight” system, LED based, (IR/UV free) active only during the scanning process provide for thousands of different light schematics
  • High grade precision and reliable mechanic
  • Automatic Book Cradle for books up to A0 and 50cm thick with fine pressure adjustment; fully adjustable and user customizable
  • High real productivity including original positioning, scanning, image processing, saving on local hard drive or network and book cradle operativity
  • 80 A0 x hour, 300PPI, in color, in “Best Quality” Mode
  • Size (cm): Height 240, Length 205, Depth160; Weight: ~400 Kg
  • Workstation minimal requirements: Latest i7 Intel Processor; 32 GigaBytes RAM; Windows 10 Professional 64bit
  • Native 64bit software and processing
  • 16bit per channel image processing (3x16bit)
  • Customizable user Profiles for workflow optimization and system settings retrieving
  • Manual/automatic crop
  • Automatic lighting calibration and Gray Balance tools
  • Color/density tools: exposure, contrast, highlight, shadows, gamma, automatic adjustments, black and white points, histograms and point analysis, ICC color profiles, paper color correction, etc.
  • Unsharp masking, despeckle, deskew, etc.
  • “Light Inspector” tools allow for real-time light schematic variations and evaluation
  • Completely automatic workflow allows operating the system directly from the front through foot pedal commands
  • Ability to save in METIS DCS-RAW format for image post-processing (include light variations and 3D)


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