Designer and manufacturer of high-quality scanners for the decor industry, cultural institutions, creative people and high-quality digitization service providers.

A company that has always been focused on technological innovation which concentrates the experience of three generations of designers. A story that continues, step by step, thanks to the desire to innovate, to offer cutting-edge products and to invest in the world of high-quality digitization.

All METIS scanners are proudly Made in Italy.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

About Metis Systems Srl

We believe that Tradition, Experience and Passion are the keys to make great products. Through our commitment to High Quality and constant Innovation we aim to be the perfect response to the Industrial and Cultural Heritage digitizing needs.

The passion for and dedication to what we do is the road-map that guides every step of our experienced team. This allows us to provide our customers with outstanding quality, precision and reliability products that are the result of the most advanced scanning technology application.

Our values represent our way of seeing and communicating with the world. All we do and realize is based on these values: Passion, Creativity, Accuracy, Quality, Accountability, Respect, Honesty and Collaboration. All these values guide us in the relationship between us and all those with whom we come in touch.

Where we come from, where we are going

In a world characterized by a growing demand for mass digitization and the production of low cost/table size scanners, we decided to differentiate and continue on our original path of uncompromising quality in order to produce scanners that represent a reference point for all digital imaging world. Moreover, in recent years the technological and qualitative gap between METIS and its competitors continued to increase thanks to our innovative technologies and the experience we gained in the decor industry field.

In particular, METIS DRS-DCS, PM3D and SURF 3D scanners can generate an incomparable image quality in terms of true optical resolution, sharpness, lack of aberrations and/or noise in the images, geometric accuracy, color fidelity and consistency of performance over the whole area of acquisition and time duration.

Furthermore, METIS scanners productivity and image quality are incomparably higher with respect to other solutions available on the market.

METIS is the leader in the Industrial and Cultural Heritage markets and in the last years, with the great success of its patents and the extraordinary “METIS Photometric Stereo 3D” application in the surface scanning, became the undisputed point of reference for a sight into the future of digitization.

METIS Headquarters are in Rome, the Eternal City, the Italian high-tech hub reference. Our main manufacturing center is located in Tuscany, the Italian region where the precision mechanics, other than its natural beauties, is a must.

“The best things are achieved only with the utmost passion” (J.W.Goethe)

A brief history of METIS