METIS PBR Scanners

Since 2013 METIS scanners implement various photogrammetric techniques allowing to capture much more than only color information.

METIS Scanners are today capable of generating standardized PBR MAPs that can be used in most popular 3D rendering software as for example Blender, Lumion, KeyShot, 3DS MAX, Cinema 4D, Substance, Unreal, Browzwear, etc.

METIS software automatically generates Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Displacement, Alpha, Opacity and Metalness MAPs for a fully optimized Metallic-Roughness workflow.

Exporting all PBR MAPs in the U3M file format (Unified 3D Material) is also possible allowing more easily handling of the material in all rendering software that supports U3M.

METIS PBR Workflow video

PBR Rendering galleries

Woods renderings
Stones renderings

And much more to come. Stay tuned !

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