METIS Technology

At METIS we constantly push the quality of our images to the limits by keeping our scanners up to date with the latest technologies. We also invest heavily into our R&D department, and we, therefore, invent new technologies ourselves.

METIS ability to design hardware (including optical and imaging) and software completely in-house, and therefore without depending on external know-how, is a fundamental requirement in order to keep the “science” within the company and being able to produce real innovation.

Furthermore, today a strong integration between hardware and software is required in respect to the past in almost all technological fields and this cannot be optimally achieved if hardware and software are not developed parallelly and within the same team. For example, the DC SynchroLight patented lighting system is designed in order to provide high customization of the enlightening but also to be completely automated and very easy to use.

To achieve this the SynchroLight lighting is continuously interacting with the scanning software and vice versa so that not only the user can always get optimal results, but the same performances are also guaranteed over time. Thanks to this, METIS scanners provide unbeatable performances and also integrate many unique features, as for example, the special METIS 3D data calculation and Glossiness, that are not available elsewhere.

In this section, we provide a brief overview of the solutions we have implemented into our scanners to meet the specific requirements of high-end digitization applications.

Color Accuracy

Color Accuracy - Metis Systems srl

High Resolution / Large Formats

Large Formats scanner by Metis

Natural Results / DC Syncrolight

Natural Results - Metis Technology

Visual Appearance

Visual Appearance - Metis Technology

METIS Photometric Stereo 3D

Photometric Stereo 3D

Glossiness MAP

Glossiness Map - Metis Technology
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