Woods PBR

Woods rendering gallery

Light Oak Chevron 1

Light Oak Chevron 2

Light Oak Chevron 3

METIS Light Oak Chevron Flooring video

Light Oak Lumion 1

Light Oak Lumion 2

Light Oak Lumion 3

METIS Light Oak Lumion Flooring video

Raw wood flooring 1

Raw wood flooring 2

Raw wood flooring 3

METIS Raw Wood flooring video

Close-ups files video

Understanding materials video

Corona vs Lumion video

Woods multitexture sets

Check out and download our free multitexture examples and enjoy some of our Iper-realistic data for your PBR projects. We will add more textures in the future.

Raw wood 12 full planks multitexture

Light oak 40 half planks multitexture

Light oak 20 full planks multitexture