The compact surface scanner specifically designed for Decor Industry, designers and other creative markets.
The SURF 3D integrates cutting-edge METIS color capture technologies with the calculation of 3D data and glossiness into a compact, high-speed solution.
General details

Welcome into the new compact scanning technology!

SURF 3D® is a revolutionary scanner designed and manufactured by METIS previewed at the InPrint exhibition (München) in November 2017. This scanner is capable of capturing color, calculating 3D embossing and glossiness information in less than 1 minute from materials as planks of wood, tanned leather, fabrics and textiles, ceramics, natural stone wallpapers, fine arts, etc.

SURF 3D® provides features that are not available in an ordinary scanner such as extended customization over the lighting of the original and 3D embossing data (e.g. for using in 3D printing or embossing applications).

Therefore, the SURF 3D® scanner is particularly aimed to medium size digital printing applications requiring color, 3D data (e.g. reproduction of small fine arts, customized phone covers, restaurant menu with fancy cover, wrapping objects with special materials, creating gadgets, small productions, proofing, etc.); medium size ceramic and wallpaper applications; 3D rendering applications, where the scanner can be used to capture material properties (Diffuse Map, Bump Map, etc.) in order to perfectly reproduce the material in CGI and CAD applications.

This scanner can generate color accurate high-resolution images including a 3D Depth Map (embossing data) and Glossiness Map (representing the surfaces reflection properties).

The SURF 3D® scanning software has been designed in order to provide extremely simple usage without compromising performances and image quality. It also integrates the METIS Light Inspector software which allows designers, among other things, to optimize color and embossing data for a specific output or use.

To be noted in particular the unique ability to also use the scanner in order to quickly and effectively profile any kind of printer without the need for using a dedicated instrument (e.g. a Spectrophotometer).

Technical Info

METIS SURF 3D: main features and specifications
  • Optical Resolution: 400 PPI (software scalable)
  • Maximum original thickness: ~ 5 cm (1.97 in)
  • Scan format (~):
    • (without stitching): 49 x 32 cm (19.3 x 12.6 in)
    • (with 1x stitching): 49 x 60 cm (19.3 x 23.6 in)
    • (with 2x stitching): 49 x 85 cm (19.3 x 33.5 in)
  • Integrated Camera: Canon R5 or Nikon D850
  • Focusing: Lens autofocus (software controlled)
  • Lighting System: 8 independently controlled light sources
  • Light source Type: High CRI LEDs, IR/UV free
  • Capture Time (full format at 400 PPI): ~ 30 sec.
  • Capture + Save Time (full format at 400 PPI): ~ 1 min.
  • Acquisition modes: Scan, SuperScan
  • Image Save formats: Metis MDC; Color images: TIFF 48 or 24 bit; Normal Map: TIFF (Color 48 or 24 bit); Depth and Glossiness Maps: TIFF (Greyscale 16 or 8 bit)
  • Holding Table type: Sliding drawer can fully extend in the front and back of the scanner to facilitate mounting the original but also for stitching purposes
  • Drawer sizes (~): 70 x 66 cm (27.56 x 25.98 in). Scanning area is anyway limited to 49 x 32 cm (19.29 x 12.6 in)
  • Scanner sizes (~): 100 cm (39.37 in) length, 71 cm (27.95 in) width, 208 cm (81.9 in) height

  • Runs natively at 64bit on Windows 10 or 11 Professional 64bit
  • Easy scanner calibration tools
  • Easy to use interface with Live View, Crop, Autofocus, etc.
  • Includes the METIS Light Inspector software (special version): Provides extensive features allowing the post-processing of a METIS SuperScan raw file, such as adjustment of the light and visual appearance, the generation of the 3D Depth, Glossiness, and Normal MAPs, automatic stitching tool and much more
  • Generate standard TIFF files perfectly in register for color, 3D and Glossiness data
  • Includes the METIS Color Profiler software: Automatically handles the color accuracy of the scanner with tools for calibration, profile creation and conversion, and the validation of color and ICC profiles. The software also fully supports ICC profiles from scan, on-screen visualization, to the exported data

and much more.


Click on this image to download the Brochure

Click on this image to download the Brochure