High Resolution / Large Formats

A perfect optical, mechanical and kinetic design and consequently also an impeccable implementation are required for scanning very fine details, especially on large formats.

But high precision mechanics always comes to a cost and, therefore, same performances cannot be expected just from any device despite technical claims can sometimes look similar. In fact, even the thinnest optical or mechanical compromise can have a huge impact on the final result.

And this is not only true for large format imaging scanners but for all kind of high precision equipment (e.g. engraving machines, digital printers, etc.).

This is why in our scanners we only use the best available mechanical and optical solutions in order to get uncompromised results and this reflects in impeccable scans which are perfectly sharp all over the scanning area.

Some facts: our top scanner, the PM3D, can deliver more than 10 GigaPixels of real measurable optical information. Comparing to the best digital camera today available (which have reached 100 MegaPixels) we are speaking of 100 times more resolution/data.

The following video shows an example of the METIS High Resolution / Large format scanning possibilities.