Superscan PM3D



The unique and unmatched surface scanner with the most innovative solutions for an automated workflow and the highest productivity!
It integrates METIS patented technologies for natural color capturing, 3D data calculation, glossiness and more
General details

The SUPERSCAN PM3D® is based on new scanning concepts invented in 2014 by METIS and aimed to respond to the special needs of the industrial, decoration and fine-art markets. In fact, the SUPERSCAN PM3D® integrates innovative and patent protected technologies that allow to scan color and calculate 3D surface embossing information from it and at very high resolution even on large originals.

This scanner extends the lighting and scanning capabilities of the METIS DRS-DCS family providing the ability to illuminate the original with 8 different and independent light sources, each aimed to a specific result. In particular, the SUPERSCAN PM3D® can illuminate the original with sharp or soft light sources from virtually any direction including also the possibility to control specular reflections (e.g. for gold / glossy materials). Thousands of different light schematics are possible and achieved automatically through sophisticated software and hardware controls.

The 3D embossing data (Depth Map generation) are calculated based on the information provided by the different lightings and using the unique algorithms developed by METIS that allow a dense and detailed 3D reconstruction of the original surface. Different kinds of embossed surfaces can be scanned with optimal results (wood, wallpapers, tiles, stones, etc.) and even glossy materials.

The SUPERSCAN PM3D® is the first scanner to breach the resolution limits caused by the number of pixels in the imaging sensors thanks to an innovative opto-mechanical design that allows a native optical resolution of 1200PPI on the full scanning area (200x130cm). Moreover, the METIS Scan Merge tool allows to scan very large originals (even those that exceed the scanning area) with perfect results. The SUPERSCAN PM3D® adopts the new METIS Scan Director software that has been specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the industrial, fine-arts and decorative markets and for handling calculated 3D data.

Technical Info

SUPERSCAN PM3D main features and specifications
  • Maximum scan format: 200 x 130 cm (larger sizes are possible thanks to the Scan Merge tool that allows perfectly and automatically stitching different scans)
  • Maximum thickness: ~10 cm
  • Optical Resolution: 1200PPI (adjustable from 100 to 3600 PPI)
  • Image sensor: Trilinear CCD – High Dynamic Range
  • Scanning technology: X,Y microscanning
  • Acquisition modes: Scan, Superscan, direct Superscan, DOF+ (various combinations are also possible)
  • Auto-focus positioning: table height automatically adjust based on original thickness set in the scanning software
  • Lighting Schematics: 8 light sources (4 sharp and 4 soft) that can be dimmed independently and combined into thousands of different light schematics; sophisticated cooling and temperature monitoring allow constant light emissions during time and always perfect results
  • Light source Type: High CRI LEDs, IR/UV free
  • Image processing: 16bit per channel (3x16bit)
  • METIS software: run natively at 64bit on Windows 10 Professional 64bit
  • Colorimetry: perfect colorimetric results with full ICC support
  • METIS Scan Director software: integrated for controlling the scanner and acquisition process
  • METIS Light Inspector software: integrated for editing Superscan files and for 3D Depth Map generation
  • Holding Table: 230 x 140 cm, can hold up to 200 Kg, vertically motorized (software controlled), integrated pressure sensors
  • High grade precision/reliable mechanics and optics
  • Scanner sizes: 333 cm lenght, 227 cm width, 170cm height
  • Weight: ~1.800 Kg
  • Workstation minimal requirements: Latest i7 Intel Processor; 64 GigaBytes RAM; Windows 10 Professional 64bit


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