Natural Results / DC Synchrolight

The importance of the light!

In order to capture the natural essence of materials/art there is nothing as good as using a traditional photographic approach (from optical to lighting concepts).

Therefore, one of our goals has always been: “being able to concentrate the power and flexibility of a photographic studio into our scanners”.

Another goal has been: “our scanners should be operated without the need for extensive photographic knowledge”.

Especially the lighting presented many challenges because we also wanted:

  • our images being the result of real light changes as in a real photographic studio;
  • to be able to set the scanner lighting automatically and without physical interaction by the operator.
Natural Results - Metis Technology

DC Synchrolight

Despite all of this is not trivial, we achieved what we wanted and since 2010 we have:

  • a new patented lighting system (the DC SynchroLight) which solves the technical problems related to the studio lighting thus allowing to control all the possible light directions on the originals (including providing a natural 3d appearance);
  • a sophisticated software which takes care of the technical part and allows the user to concentrate only in the results he wants to achieve and not in how to get these results.